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The Search For My Ancestors

Tracing my family tree has been a source of great delight for me. I knew a lot about my mother, Julie Ann Hinds, and her family due to my grandmother Donna Lou McDougle Hinds. Donna and her sister, Lorraine McDougle Rothenbuler, are ardent family historians and provided most of what I have on that family. A cousin, Dale Gillis, recently found connections to European royalty, including Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, and Edward I (Longshanks), King of England. In March-April, 2000 I found my links to Pilgrims on the Mayflower! Isaac Allerton and his family, through his daughter Remember Allerton, and through another branch, William Bradford, the governor of Plymouth Colony. My grandfather William Hinds is descended from both of these Pilgrim lines, through his grandma Ina May Olmstead.

However, the family history of my father, Mark Aaron Aamot, proved harder to trace. Through some remarkable discoveries of family letters and photographs I have been able to trace back several lines into the 1600's, mainly through internet research. His ancestry contains many early Quaker immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania with William Penn in 1682. There are also German and Swiss ancestry, and of course, our Norwegian "Aamot" origins.

Genealogy Links:

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      I have broken up my genealogy research by the different family groups I am concentrating on. I have more time devoted to some than others, so they may be in their own category. Click on the link to see that family's page. Note: All these families will eventually have their page up- those not linked are still being built.

My Father's Family

My Mother's Side

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