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        From "Military History of Ohio. Illustrated in Editions by Counties. Soldiers Edition. H.H. Hardesty Publisher. Toledo. 1886. Giving a Roster of Ohio's Rank and File From the County in the War of the Rebellion, Regimental Histories, With Histories of Its G.A.R and Ladies' Auxiliary Posts, and Camps of Sons of Veterans. Licking County Edition." :

        Sixty-seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 1025 men, organized at Columbus, winter of 1861-2; left the State for Western Virginia January 19, 1862; served in Western Virginia until June, then ordered to join McClellan's forces on the James; remained with the Army of the Potomac until December, then transferred North Carolina, with only three hundred men left fit for duty; served in South Carolina in 1863; majority re-enlisted in January , 1864, furloughed and returned to duty in March; through 1864 and in 1865 served in Virginia under Grant, two hundred times under fire and with more than half the rank and file disabled in action; present at Lee's surrender at Appomattox, April 9, 1865; on garrison duty in Tidewater Virginia, until December, 1865; mustered out at City Point, Virginia, December 7, 1865, 570 men, Alvin C. Voris, Colonel.

        History of the 67th Ohio Infantry  as compiled by Larry Stevens.

       Letters of Elijah Whitmore, 2nd Lt., B Company 67th Ohio

       Diary of Hiram Ketcham, 67th Ohio

       Review of Article on Marcus Speigel, Captain, 67th Ohio.

       National Flag of the 67th - Help Save The Colors! (contact me if you are

        interested in a financial effeort to adopt the flag)